Building A Website With Joomla

So you want to have a website but can't afford your own personal web master to make changes and keep your website current.  If only there was a way you could download a ready-made  webpage and then use a word-processor to type in articles and all this without knowing any programming.  Well, guess what, it is possible.  There is a special type of software called a Content Management System.With a CMS you are relieved of the need for a programmer constantly reformatting HTML code.  The basic design of the website is handled by a pre-programmed template which can be downloaded for free or bought for a very inexpensive fee.  Content is added by means of an "article manager" which has a build-in wordprocessor.  One of the most popular CMS is Joomla. To learn more about Joomla we need to go to my comprehensive discussion at Joomla Speak.Com