Win Activation Error 0XC004F06C

Windows KMS Activation Error 0XC004F06C



After imaging a computer on a client's network and attemtping to activate Windows using the client's KMS Activation server, I got the following error:

"A problem occurred when Windows tried to activate. Error code: 0xc004F06C"


A quick check of Microsoft's TechNet didn't find any reference to this.

I searched Google for this error and couldn't find a single website mentioning it. No where did Microsoft explain this, and apparently, no where had anyone else reported it.


It appears that Windows Vista found the KMS Activation server on the network, but for some reason was unable to activate itself using that KMS server.

Fearing that it was an error in the Computer Image, I went about checking the computer. 

Luckily the problem turned out to have a very simple solution.  By a lark, I happened to notice that the computers date and time were off by several hours. 

Remembering that sometimes an out of synch clock can cause problems communicating with a Domain, I simply corrected the time and attempted to re-activate Windows.

VOILA!  success!  The computer, this time, activated itself successfully using the local KMS server.


So the lesson learned folks is:  When you can't activate, check your computer's date and time.