"Content is King"


If you check around the internet you will run into this statement time and time again. If you have a website the key to getting noticed is what can you do for other people. Do you have something to say or do you have a needed service to offer? What unique product or services do you have to offer? On your website you have wonderful place to explain all about your business. What are your hours of operations? Do have a catalog of products that are easy to access? At a touch of a button, can they order your product securely and easily. Is your website a way to offer time sensitive material? Do you have a special piece of merchandise that you update in a timely manner? Do you have niche market that no one else has? The internet is a great way to get your message out to million.


The Next Step


Assuming that you have decided to make your presence know on the internet, the next step would be to get a unique domain name.  The domain name is that "www" address you type at the top of your browser. Think about the name you want to use.  Don't make it too long or people will have trouble remembering it.  Do not be suprised if someone already has thought of your name.  The good news that the first part of the name could be the same but the last part after the "dot" can be different.  Be careful and check with your lawyer before picking a name that sounds like a multimillion dollar corporation's name. You do not have to be a "dot-com", there are many other endings depending on what you are planning to do, for example, if you are a non-profit organization, you might want to pick ".org" as your ending. We can help you with that if you click the link below:


{ Domain Name Registration }








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