I need a web site, so how do I begin?

First of all, you have come to the right place, so let's begin looking at this problem. The obvious question is: WHY DO YOU NEED A WEBSITE? Making money is the one of the most popular goals in having a website, at least in the business world. Unfortunately a poorly designed website could have the complete opposite effect, so having a well designed website is paramount to increasing the bottom line. Making money on the internet is more than making a website and believing "build it and they will come".


Depending on your mission it might be worth the investment to enlist a professional who understands the ins and outs of the Internet web business. A professional that understands things like SEO, (search engine optimization) can greatly increase your chances of being noticed of the web. The cost of hiring a professional can sometimes be recouped in a very short time. However, having said that, getting noticed on the World Wide Web is not an easy task. Just having a website does not mean everyone will notice you. One would wonder what is the last website you would see if you really did arrive at the end of the internet. The Internet really does not work that way so don't worry about that possibility, but search engine placement is both part art, luck, and how much cash you are willing to invest to get where you want to be. There are certain tricks that can increase your presence on the web. A professional can help you optimize your chances of being seen.


The world is a large place and the internet is also a large place. You need to have a purpose, a message, or a product. One of the main reasons for the big DotCom crash around March, 2000 was that many website had nothing to sell. Their goal was to give something away for free, get as many subscribers as possible, and then to sell the potential costumer base and/or their business to someone else for a fat profit. That plan actually worked for some of the early entrants, but it is doubtful that is a sound plan now. In many regards a website takes as much attention and planning as a brick and mortar site. You would not expect a person to look in the window of a store on Main Street, and not seeing much but a desk and a couch, to walk in asking what is it you are trying to sell. The first step in making a website is having a well thought out game plan.


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Internet Presence

Let's look at some of the other reasons for having a website. According to Internetworldstats, there are around 1.4 billion people in the world using the internet, and in the U.S. around 73% of the population has been exposed to the internet in some form or another. That is a large pool of potential costumers, something that is hard to ignore. So a good reason for having a website is INTERNET PRESENCE To be part of the world internet community is exciting. Never before in the history of the world has it been so easy and possible for someone to be exposed to a world audience. The Internet has been called the great leveler. It has enabled the small business to compete with the likes of Sears, Macy's or other big-container businesses. It also has enabled the common man to have his voice heard. The advent of the blog and social networking has introduced to the world many new commentators that otherwise would have never been heard.

Personal and Business Networking

In the past one of the ways to network with other people was to hand them your business card and ask them to contact you later. By no means should we abandon that method totally, but the possibilities have increased with the advent of the Internet. A lot of business happens when two or more people get together. The problem arises when the person does not have the time to stand in the pouring rain, or on a hot sunny day stand on a street corner and get up to date on what your business is all about. How much more effective it would be to for you to able to say, "Here is my internet address, just check out my website if you are interested!" In a way, having a website is like being able to hand out your business card to thousands and thousands of people and being available 24/7.


Questions to ask yourself before you start a website.

What is the goal of the organization?
What are the goals of the website and how does it support the goals of your organization?
When was the organization founded and who does the organization serve?
Why does the organization need a website? Does a website already exist, or is this a newsite?
Who will be maintaining the website?
What will the visitors want from your website and how are you going to deliver their desires?



"Content is King"


If you check around the internet you will run into this statement time and time again. If you have a website the key to getting noticed is what can you do for other people. Do you have something to say or do you have a needed service to offer? What unique product or services do you have to offer? On your website you have wonderful place to explain all about your business. What are your hours of operations? Do have a catalog of products that are easy to access? At a touch of a button, can they order your product securely and easily. Is your website a way to offer time sensitive material? Do you have a special piece of merchandise that you update in a timely manner? Do you have niche market that no one else has? The internet is a great way to get your message out to million.


The Next Step


Assuming that you have decided to make your presence know on the internet, the next step would be to get a unique domain name.  The domain name is that "www" address you type at the top of your browser. Think about the name you want to use.  Don't make it too long or people will have trouble remembering it.  Do not be suprised if someone already has thought of your name.  The good news that the first part of the name could be the same but the last part after the "dot" can be different.  Be careful and check with your lawyer before picking a name that sounds like a multimillion dollar corporation's name. You do not have to be a "dot-com", there are many other endings depending on what you are planning to do, for example, if you are a non-profit organization, you might want to pick ".org" as your ending. We can help you with that if you click the link below:


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