Using the Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to monitor all aspects of your Internet presence. You will have access to detailed stats, which will give you live information on the resources your websites are utilizing as well as the views they are getting. You will also find some significant information about bizwebtech’s hosting servers as a whole. The data is divided into parts, so you’re able to quickly find your path around.

Server Specifics

Check the hosting server’s OS, IP address, etc.

From the Online Statistics Manager section of the Hosting Control Panel, you’ll get live information on the web server like the OS currently in use or even the physical IP address of your website hosting account. At the same time, you will discover handy data for your website development undertakings including the current variations of PHP, MySQL and Perl, plus the mounted Perl modules. Email server information such as sendmail path as well as the incoming and outgoing emaill servers is also integrated.

All the server details are introduced in an easy–to–read manner so you can easily find the information that you require.

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Access & Error Records

Receive info about your websites’ functionality

Using the info collected in the Access and Error Reports section of your Hosting Control Panel, you can uncover just about any possible complications with the overall performance of your sites. The access records will show you all sorts of data files like texts, pics and videos that have been examined from your site visitors while the error records will record any cautions and problems that have happened throughout their stay on your website.

You’ll be able to get the access and error log data for each of your working web sites from the Online Statistics Manager part of your Hosting Control Panel.

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Website Traffic Statistics

Review the traffic to your web site in depth

Through the web statistics applications built into the bizwebtech Hosting Control Panel, you are able to keep tabs on the traffic on your web site in the greatest detail. You can choose between 2 common interfaces – Webalizer and Awstats, both of which supply you with in–depth information about the visitors to your site in addition to the website content they view on a day–to–day, weekly and monthly basis.

It’s not necessary to put together anything beforehand to have site traffic reports for your web sites. Within the Web Traffic Statistics section of your Hosting Control Panel, simply open the data list for a selected host and view the info that you require for your web marketing campaigns.

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CPU Statistics

Track your web sites’ server load

The CPU statistics built–in within your Hosting Control Panel will provide you with real time information about the server load that’s accumulated within your hosting account because of your applications, data base queries, etcetera. Thus, the more dynamic and complex your website is, the more hosting server allocations it will need to always be running smoothly.

The CPU load facts are supplied in an easily readable method and presents you with details about the server load produced each day, monthly or each year. This accurate data will keep you informed about the hosting server memory consumption at virtually any minute and can help you prevent your websites from getting offline in consequence of web server overload (exceeded server power use limits).

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