In addition to hosting resource-demanding sites, there's one more reason to purchase a virtual or a dedicated server of your own - to start your hosting company. This is a constantly growing business, because more and more people and businesses start their web presence, so they need hosting space and a domain name. If you have a server, you will be able to generate web hosting package deals then sell them, so you can not only cover your own expenses when you host your personal sites on the server as well, but you will also make a good profit by operating a profitable business. What you need for that is a server, a billing program, that will be the link between the reseller web site and your web space, as well as a business account with a payment processor for example PayPal or 2CheckOut, in order to be able to receive web payments. The benefit from reselling server space over the usage of a standard reseller program is the fact that your clients will have extra system resources and you're able to set up the server-side software that their Internet sites may need in order to operate effectively. The latter is not possible with a shared website hosting reseller program, because you will have specific limitations in this regard.

Reselling Options in Dedicated Web Hosting

The dedicated server packages that we offer will allow you to start your own web hosting company easily and quickly. They provide a lot of processing power, physical memory and disk space to support a a really large number of customers, no matter the kind of sites they run. You will also have root access to the server, which means that you can add any server-side application. Our plans come with 3 separate website hosting Control Panels and two of them - cPanel and DirectAdmin, are suitable for your new website hosting company, as they have two separate levels - client and reseller. When you buy the server with cPanel, we'll also give you a domain name reseller account along with a billing/support solution named ClientExec at no cost, therefore you will be fully independent and you'll have full control over what is going on with the server and with the customers' sites. If you'd like to take a different approach, however, DirectAdmin will allow you to have resellers of your own who can do the job of finding the end customers, while they pay you for the reseller plan.